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About Us


Sarker Trade International Ltd. Has emerged as one of the unique trading company in Bangladesh. We have long time heritage in the trading business in global sector as well as domestic market. Expectations are intended to be tested; and traditions meant to be broken. Only then a true leader rises from an improbable position. Sarker Trade International Ltd. Has been silencing the skeptics by setting benchmarks globally with our products & services.

Sarker Trade International Ltd. Works as an exclusive platform where we manufacture, supply, and export-import jute bags, Tiles, Software & IT services and different types of food items as per the requirements of our clients in global market along with our domestic market. Here we work with the promise to manufacture and supply the best quality products & services according to the demands of our customers worldwide.

Sarker Trade International Ltd. Is in commercial business that produce, purchase products and sells it to their customers worldwide. We handle products in a wide range of industries and is involved in all stages of the supply chain from development and purchasing of raw materials to manufacture, processing, distribution, and sale, providing services with high added-value. Sarker Trade International Ltd. always focus to find frequently changing local & global customer demands, needs and to provide services that are a step ahead of the times.

Sarker Trade International Ltd, established in 2020, which based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is Trade Company which is understood by its name and deals with import and export in general. Our company has mainly focused on export of Jute Bags & Jute related products, Tiles, Software & IT solutions etc. on which we have many years’ experience. Later on, as demand from the international market and new opportunities emerged, we started exporting some other food items like potato & different type of fish as our customers demand. We also working with fruit bread, jam, jelly, honey & different types of English breakfast items too. As a trading Company, Sarker Trade International Ltd. exports goods and products and involves in numerous related services.

Mainly we started Sarker Trade International Ltd. with exporting jute bags & Jute related products, English breakfast items, potato and fishes etc. These products are provided rigorously by our experts from trustworthy sources, who involve themselves in natural farming applies. Our achievement is indistinguishable linked to our professional capabilities and team of highly devoted, skilled and trained workforce that allows us sourcing huge volumes of all our products at competitive prices as well as highest quality. Sarker Trade International Ltd. Has robust backing from our suppliers who provide us access to the wealth of knowledge and products.

Sarker Trade International Ltd. have vast experience in providing software & IT services all over the world and our local market. We satisfy our worldwide customers by fulfilling their demand with maintain world class standard.

We have long time legacy in Tiles business. We serving in the industry for a long time. We have hands on experience handling local & international customers. We are always provide world class standard. Our company never consider with the quality and service of the tiles products.

At the heart of all of this, is our employees. We take much pride in fostering an inspiring workplace, with an agile and high-performance corporate culture. We are also extremely committed to recognizing and valuing diversity across our teams.

Over the years, Sarker Trade International Ltd. has executed several orders for Jute bags, software & IT services, Tiles and food items; successfully for various reputed organizations & other different types of customers in many countries which include Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Guyana, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malta, Maldives, Nigeria, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and others.


Our Mission to reliably deliver high quality products and services through innovation, creativity and value. We are committed to meeting our client’s objectives by securing a superiority over the industry quality standards in a cost-effective and timely manner. We continuously strive to achieve long-term sustainability and high credentials by beyond our clients and staffs expectations. We wish to achieve a worthwhile environment for our people and financial prosperity through our relentless perseverance and proper management.


Our vision is to become a world class organization with excellence in everything we do. This will be achieved through strong financial results and continuous investment in our people and infrastructure to enhance our local & global customer satisfaction and best in class business process.


Our target is to achieve sustainable growth; we have established a vision with clear goals. Our goal is to become the largest producer and exporter in our business field .Our goal is to establish long- term business relationships with global strategic partners (customers and suppliers) in an ever- changing dynamic global business environment, generating win-win situation for all parties involved and to promote international cooperation.


When comparing your measurements to those listed on the site, make sure to check if the fabric is stretchy or not. If it is, it can stretch an inch or more.

  • Perceiving customer needs at utmost.
  • Providing flexibility in sourcing, efficiency in service, competitiveness in pricing
  • Fully satisfying the customers with fast, true and continuous
  • Customized solutions for customer requirements
  • Being acknowledged as a leading, reliable and innovative service
  • We are directly work for our environment that we are directly dealing with all eco-friendly products.
  • Sarker Trade International Ltd. always very much concerned about environmental issues and we therefore guarantee that our full manufacturing process is non-polluting, that we recycle all wastes and do not release any harmful materials into open land.
  • Sarker Trade International Ltd. is subsidizing to sustainable development by its economic activities combined with the fulfillment of its social responsibilities connecting to the education, health, safety and environment aspects.

Our Core Values

Sarker Trade International have seven core values which describes who we are and what we do. In our promise to excellence, it helps us achieve our tenacity and achieve our vision. We are directed by these values that make a common understanding for ourselves and each other.

We value the quality of being honest, fair and having strong moral principles. Our actions bring honor to ourselves and to our organization. Honor all commitments to our customers, employees and shareholders while conducting business with unwavering high standards of honesty, trust, professionalism and ethical behavior.

Put the interests of our customers first and be dedicated to providing an individualized business experience that assures customer satisfaction and earns their unwavering loyalty.

We believe the best solutions are achieved from working together effectively and efficiently. Work as one solid team from the smallest unit to the Board of directors while developing and retaining leaders who continually raise the bar, provide direction, remove barriers and empower people to successfully achieve goals.

We make great efforts to achieve superior results in everything we do by delivering what we have promised and add values that go beyond expectations.

Dedicated to continuous innovation and pursuit of new ideas and opportunities to accelerate profitable growth. We deliver value in all we do to assure consistently high returns to our shareholders, recognize and reward excellent performance, which drives superior result.

We treasure our trust by depending on the reliance, partnerships and successes that we share with everyone. We will maintain this trust by upholding our core values.

We hold ourselves accountable and fulfill our commitments by sharing the responsibility for our company as a whole.


Our culture is based on integrity and mutual respect. Our reputation in loyalty to the highest ethics in work is one of our valuable rules. We assume the responsibility of each work we perform. In Sarker Trade International Ltd., we do not accept any wrong behavior and ask our employees to follow such standards and the applicable local acts.


Sarker Trade International Ltd. is the brainchild of three energetic young entrepreneurs, whose dream was to create the world’s best trading company. Their enormous experience together with a young and dynamic management team has created a challenging entity that is growing at remarkable pace.