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Jute Bags

Fancy Jute Hand Bag

Sarker Trade International Ltd. provide variety of ladies fancy bags in all shapes and sizes. Our fancy hand jute bags takes absolute care in manufacturing such bags in accordance to the requirements of our local & global customers. Our variety of ladies fancy bags has carved a niche in competitive international markets within a short span of time. We manufacture and supply ladies jute bag, fashion jute bag, jute carry bag etc. at industry competitive prices. Can have look to our some fancy jute hand bags.

Fancy hand bag 2
Fancy hand bag 3
Fancy hand bag 4
Fancy hand bag 5
Fancy hand bag 6
Fancy hand bag 7
Fancy hand bag 9
Fancy hand bag 10
Fancy hand bag 11
Fancy hand bag 12
Fancy hand bag 1
Fancy hand bag 8
Fancy hand bag 13
Fancy hand bag 14
Fancy hand bag 15
Fancy hand bag 16

Festival Bag

Is it a festive season? Sarker Trade International Ltd. are certain you will have many things to carry around and a lot many things to gift to your dear ones. If you are looking for festive jute bags, then you need to know you can’t find better ones elsewhere if not here. Each of us love celebrating festivals. Sarker Trade International Ltd. always offer the right set of festive jute bags which are waiting to be getting delivered to you. Festivals are that time of the year when you are all set to have some fun and enjoyment. Some of our festival jute bag.

Festival bag 2
Festival bag 1
Festival bag 3
Festival bag 4
Festival bag 5

Promotional Bag

These Promotional jute bags made of 100% natural jute fiber which is strong and durable. Sarker Trade International Ltd. offer our customers a large area for their logo, slogan, event, date or other information to be silkscreen printed, embroidered on. These natural jute bags are perfect for promotions, trade show giveaways, church events, creative projects, arts & crafts, gifts, school, birthdays, advertising your business and fundraising needs.

promotional bag 1
promotional bag 2
promotional bag 4
promotional bag 3
promotional bag 8
promotional bag 6
promotional bag 9

Shopping Bag

Sarker Trade International Ltd. are manufacturer and wholesaler of heavy duty jute shopping bags. The handles are cotton padded. This bags are 100% eco-friendly and reusable. Jute Shopping bag made from 100% natural Jute. Modest and elegant due to its natural. In order to deliver a high quality lot of jute products, we make use of the best available resources and raw material. Also, we make sure that the material is sourced from the genuine vendors only. Sarker Trade International Ltd. export those bags in many parts of the world. Some jute shopping bag images are here.

shopping bag 1
shopping bag 2
shopping bag 3
shopping bag 4
shopping bag 5
shopping bag 6
shopping bag 7

Sonali Bag

Sonali Bag is totally biodegradable and environment-friendly. This jute polymer bag is stable in water up to five hours and its tensile strength is 1.5 times higher than that of polythene bag. It also decomposes in soil within five to six months, whereas polythene takes several hundred years. It can be use in place of polythene. Sonali bag is an amazing thing and its applications and benefits can be endless. Sarker Trade International Ltd. gives you choice to buy customized sonali bag. This eco-friendly sonali jute bags can be used in garments and food packaging work and they are not harmful to human health. Sarker Trade International Ltd. provide sonali bag according to the requirements for our local & international customers. Have a look at some sonali bag image-

sonali bag 1
sonali bag 2
sonali bag 3

Wedding Bag

Weddings are said to be an auspicious occasion and you might want it to be a real special one for your dearest guests too. Attract your guest by sending them customized invitations in these specially made Wedding Jute Bags. Sarker Trade International Ltd. have an array of wedding bag designs for you to choose from, or alternatively, you can choose to customize them as per client’s requirements. Our jute bags are not just spacious they are stylish and classy too. There are many different designs for each bag. You can also use these jute bags to give return gifts to your guests. The Wedding Jute Bags are designed in different shapes and sizes keeping in mind the versatile use it has. Can check some of the samples:-

weeding bag 1
weeding bag 2
weeding bag 3
weeding bag 4
weeding bag 5
weeding bag 6