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Software & IT

Software Development

According to the best services in this business, we are Bangladesh's best software development company. In order to meet the needs of both local and international customers, Sarker Trade International Ltd. specializes in the development of custom software applications.For Your Business Needs, We Create Custom Software! Together with you, we try to ensure flawless, on-time delivery.We are among Bangladesh's top suppliers of software solutions.The team of Sarker Trade International Limited is a spot for custom software development that specializes in made-to-order software on a variety of technology platforms. We take pride in our ability to design the ideal custom program to optimize your company's workflow.

Website Design

We have a Website design team of creative, productive, and talented IT professionals who work hard to create high-quality websites. Take control of your website and easily publish and share your content. We create dynamic responsive websites, e-commerce websites, various types of web portals, and other web applications with simple admin panels for editing images and other content, as well as search engine optimized scripts. Responsive website design is the most popular technique in the world of website development because it allows your site to dynamically adapt to the device it is being viewed on. One person may be viewing your site on a desktop or laptop computer, while another is viewing it on an iPhone or smartphone. In both cases, your website will automatically detect the screen size being used and adjust accordingly, providing the user with a great and user friendly view.

Graphics Design

Design magic is created by our tested creative process. Your fantastic ideas will be transformed into a unique design that is only available from us. The best website design and development services are offered by our innovative team of web designers and developers to provide organic leads.Our web design team ensures that you get your investment back. The experienced graphic designers at Sarker Trade International Ltd. give world-class designs to our clients in accordance with their needs.We can provide premium and distinctive design services for all of your demands due to our many years of experience in this field and our team of the greatest creative design professionals in the business.

Database Designe

Sarker Trade International Ltd. one of the key specialty is database design. Here we, design databases for our clients based on their exclusive business needs. We use both proprietary software like ORACLE, MySQL, MS SQL and Open Source Software products like PostGre, and InnoDB. Our Databases are lightweight and optimized to provide the best performance. Databases are generally used to store bodies of data which are too large to be managed on paper or through simple spreadsheets. At present most company use databases for accounts, inventory, personnel, and other record keeping as per business needs & demand.

ICT Support

Sarker Trade International Ltd. provides the consultation service about ICT to partners. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who are knowledgeable with trouble shooting computers, Network infrastructure and peripheral equipment. Our values for this service are very competitive and our response time is one of the fastest.

ICT Training

Sarker Trade International Ltd. does not only provide the ICT support but also give our partners with preparation of the Human Resources through training for government or private sector to improve the quality of human resources. Our courses suite beginners as well as advanced users and cover Introduction to Computers, Windows Awareness, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database, Internet Access and Authoring, Local Area Network etc. We also offer specialty courses in Website design, programing, and database development and computer maintenance. We are also offer you our standard courses according to your needs.

Web Development

We are the top-rated web development company in Bangladesh, and we serve many clients who are spread out all over the world.We are very sincere and committed to our work. experts in web development and design .We have the skills to build clients' ideal websites and applications. We are a group of web designers and developers with extensive expertise and strength who are here to make sure you're satisfied.

UI/UX Design

Our major goal is to develop the website with an amazing UI/UX. As a result, creating a presence online is simple.Our programmers and design testers are also skilled in high-quality design, and our UI/UX design team includes experts in graphic design Finally, by utilizing modern trends and technology, we are prepared to assist both national and international clients. Contact us right away for amazing, original, and unique design ideas.

ERP Software

Sarker Trade International Limited offers Cloud ERP software, which is intended to be a type of enterprise solution for the largest businesses, overseeing the entire area of a company's core business processes related to technology, services, and human resources. Cloud ERP is a fully integrated application and customizable solution that allows users to analyze data and customize modules that are appropriate for their business applications. Cloud ERP is a solution intended for larger businesses. And maintain access to business processes from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Our cloud ERP software gives you the tools you need to be an innovator, visionary, and scraper.With our cloud ERP software, you can integrate sustainability into your core business processes and operations.

Hosting Solution

Sarker Trade International Limited is also well-known in Bangladesh as a top-rated web hosting solution service provider. We are well-known in Bangladesh as the best domain hosting solution provider. With our hosting add-ons, you can make your hosted domain with Sarker Trade International Limited more reliable and redundant, allowing you to enjoy a new level of online comfort. Sarker Trade International Limited starter hosting includes all of the features required to host your website effectively and easily. Our web hosting (also known as LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is appropriate for webmasters who use Linux hosting features such as Perl programming, PHP.

HR and people engaement

Our all-in-one Human Resource Management Solution, Sarker Trade International Limited, is thoroughly designed to manage and predict success. We have created a Combination HR Management Solution for the first time in Human Resource history by combining Recruitment Tools and Employee Activity Functions. Sarker Trade International Limited not only runs properly on the Web, but also on the iOS and Android platforms through a dedicated mobile app where your employees can give remote attendance, apply for leave and movement, and perform every relevant function.

Some of Our Software for our global & local

Sarker Trade International Ltd. also offer you some of our pre- made software, which always can be customized according to your requirements.