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Bathroom Tiles

Sarker Trade International Ltd is the provider of the top favorite bathroom design ideas we love. Inspired by nature, these designs make your bathroom truly reflect luxury and spaciousness. Here are few images for our local & global customers can browse our huge modern collection of bathroom tiles.

bathroom tiles 2
bathroom tiles 3
bathroom tiles 4
bathroom tiles 5
bathroom tiles 6
bathroom tiles 7
bathroom tiles 8
bathroom tiles 9
bathroom tiles 10
bathroom tiles 11
bathroom tiles 12
bathroom tiles 13
bathroom tiles 14
bathroom tiles 15
bathroom tiles 16
bathroom tiles 17

Bedroom Tiles

After a day’s work who don’t want to feel welcome their cozy comfortable bedrooms. Our local & global customers can choose from a wide range of perfect bedroom tiles. Our bedroom is that place of the house where people spends most of their time to chill and to have a relaxing sleep after coming back from their work. Clearly, if a place is so special for everyone then the room decor should also be appealing. The first things that matter the most in the decor of a bedroom are the wall and floor tiles. All you need to do is to find the right choice of tile for your bedroom and to give an elegant yet comfortable look to the room. To make it easy, Sarker Trade International Ltd. has come up with some wonderful bedroom tiles collections which are popularly called bedroom tiles. There is a wide variety of bedroom tiles designs, color available at Sarker Trade International Ltd. for our local & international customers and all of them vary in their sizes, colors, textures, materials etc. Here are some of our bedroom tiles.

bedroom tiles 1
bedroom tiles 2
bedroom tiles 3
bedroom tiles 5
bedroom tiles 6
bedroom tiles 7
bedroom tiles 8
bedroom tiles 9
bedroom tiles 10
bedroom tiles 11
bedroom tiles 12
bedroom tiles 14
bedroom tiles 15
bedroom tiles4
bedroom tiles13
bedroom tiles16

Commercial Tiles

Commercial floor tiles can easily change the dull look of a space into a modern and contemporary one. Not only personal space requires eye-catching flooring but commercial places like a restaurant, offices, schools, shopping malls etc. also want beautiful and top quality tiles to enhance their beauty. Sarker Trade International Ltd. has wide range of commercial tiles is the epitome of creativity and advanced technology. We have classy designs and expert finish, these Commercial Ceramic tiles will make your space special look. Our global & local customers use our commercial tiles on their Commercial areas such as offices, shops and shopping malls etc. You can always find your desirable commercial tiles from us. Have look at few of our commercial tiles image.

bedroom tiles 8
commercial tiles 1
commercial tiles 2
commercial tiles 3
commercial tiles 4
commercial tiles 5
commercial tiles 6
commercial tiles 7
commercial tiles 8
commercial tiles 9
commercial tiles 10
commercial tiles 11
commercial tiles 12
commercial tiles 13
commercial tiles 14
commercial tiles 15
commercial tiles 16

Kitchen Tiles

We’ve all been sufferers of the kitchen mess. A bubbling pot, a pan that splatters, a dropped bowl make cleanup easier in all of these situations with tile that protects your kitchen surfaces. Whether on the backsplash, the walls, the floors or all three, one of the best properties of tile is how easily it wipes clean. Tile is useful enough that you’ll always find one to coordinate or contrast with your cupboards, counters and existing decor. Sarker Trade International Ltd. has wide range of Ceramic Kitchen tiles is the epitome of creativity and advanced technology. Our tiles kitchen tiles are classy designs and expert finish, these kitchen tiles will make one of your favorite spaces in the house. For our all global and local customers we offer you variety of design, lookout some of kitchen tiles.

Arena Bloom Decor 1-Grid-300 X 600
Arena Bloom Decor 2-Grid-300 X 600
Austen Natura-Grid-300 X 600
Bianco Marfil Decor-Grid-300 X 600
Botanique Decor-Grid-300 X 600
Boxwood Beige Decor-Grid-300 X 450
Brique Terra-Grid-300 X 300
Cemento Fiori Decor-Grid-300 X 450
Cuisine Decor-Grid-300 X 450
Montage Decor-Grid-300 X 450
Mosaico Wood-Grid-600 X 600
Rhombus Planks-Grid-600 X 600
Singola Decor-Grid-300 X 600
Strips Antique-Grid-600 X 600
Tivoli Decor2-Grid-300 X 450

Livingroom Tiles

Livingroom Tiles Sarker Trade International Ltd. has wide range of living room tiles is the quintessence of creativity and advanced technology. With classy looks, designs and expert finish, these living room tiles will make one of your favorite spaces in the house. Your living room is reflection of you. Tile can be a stylish way to add personality to your living room. It’s robust and easy to maintain which makes it a sensible choice for your high-traffic areas. Sarker Trade International Ltd. are expertly trained to help our local & global customers to find the perfect tiles for them. Look some our design available for our international & local clients.

Livingroom tiles 15
Livingroom tiles 14
Livingroom tiles 13
Livingroom tiles 12
Livingroom tiles 11
Livingroom tiles 10
Livingroom tiles 9
Livingroom tiles 8
Livingroom tiles 7
Livingroom tiles 6
Livingroom tiles 5
Livingroom tiles 4
Livingroom tiles 3
Livingroom tiles 2
Livingroom tiles 1
Livingroom tiles 16

Outdoor Tiles

From Sarker Trade International Ltd. local & global customers can buy outdoor floor tiles to transform any external space. Bring your garden vision to life with tiles suitable for patios, balconies and decking, with a range of high-quality materials, styles and colours to suit any requirements. Tile is a great way to transform your outdoor living space. Our outdoor tiles has the long-lasting durability needed to hold up to weather and moisture, plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain. Sarker Trade International Ltd. right tiles design can complement our local & global customers landscaping elements to add beauty and elegance to their patio, pool and deck or dining area. We have it all for our local & global customer. Have a look few of our outdoor tiles image from our huge collection.